Okyanus, which has been continuing its activities in slipper and shoe sector with its 30 years of experience, wasestablished in 1989. It always keptup-to-date by diversifying its production network by following the developing technology and fashion developments closely. It is a strong and experienced company with the production of all kinds of polymer-based sandals and shoes.

Okyanus Sandals and Shoes continue sits domestic and international operations with 130 personnels in its production area of 4880 squaremeters in a factory of 7980 squaremeters, ware house and logistics service in a closed area of 1500 squaremeters.

93% of our high quality production with 5S & Kaizen techniques consists of our own collection, while the remaining 7% consists of the designs of our corporate customers. At Okyanus Sandals, wecare about trace ability and sustainability in every step of our production process. For this reason, our ERP solution sand web-based service sthat best meet our goals and the demands of our customer sup to date, continues to successfully apply the concept of quality at everystage of production. Our company attaches great importance to institution alizationand R & D studies in this discipline,and makes continuous investments in thisfield.

Okyanus Sandals, has 6 million pairs of annual production capacity with many corporate brand suppliers in Turkey. Inaddition, it continues its activities in Turkey and abroad with its registered brand“Hot Chocolate”.